You can forward incoming calls to another
mobile phone, office, home, or any other number
which has been registered in advance.


No International Calling Cost for Domestic Dialer

  • Calls can be forwarded to Inbound Center or branch office in oversea.
  • Family, friends, and co-workers of traveler can dial at a domestic rate.

Type of Service

  1. Call Forwarding Service
  2. DID Number (Access Number)


Point 1

Service Flow

IF User A wishes to take incoming calls on their Japan mobile number while traveling in oversea….

  1. SBCP provides A with a domestic DID (access number) and A sets call forwarding.
  2. Dialer calls A’s Japan number (Domestic Rate)
  3. Transfers the call to paired oversea number

Point 2

Examples of Forwarding Destination

  • Temporary Contact Number in Oversea (Pair Domestic Number and Temporary Phone Number)
  • Domestic Inbound Center (Customers in oversea can dial the local DID paired with Domestic Inbound Center number.)

Point 3

No Needs for Equipment Installations

  • No Installations of Equipment or Hardware
  • Service Available Immediately after Registration
  • Manage Forwarding Numbers via Online Management Tool